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NAIDOC Week 2021 — Instagram Challenge

NAIDOC Week celebrates the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through yearly themes.

This years’ theme is, Heal Country! Which calls for all Australians to seek for stronger protections around First Nations land, waters, sacred sites, and cultural heritage.

To encourage participation from all Australians, Our Dilly Bag is running a 'Instagram Challenge', which seeks for individuals to engage in daily Instagram activities during NAIDOC Week events. Each completed activity puts you in the draw to win a custom NAIDOC Dilly Bag hamper, which has a selection of 100% Indigenous-owned and operated brands.


Sunday 4 July

Attend an in-person or virtual NAIDOC Week event. Share your experience on your social media platform.



Monday 5 July

Learn about the 'Heal Country' theme and share your knowledge and findings with your audience.



Tuesday 6 July

Display the national NAIDOC poster on your social channels and learn about the artist.

LINK A: https://www.naidoc.org.au/get-involved/2021-poster

LINK B: https://www.naidoc.org.au/resources/get-your-poster



Wednesday 7 July

Research and learn about the Traditional Owners of your area and share these resources on your social media channels. Use the Our Songlines map for references.

LINK A: https://aiatsis.gov.au/explore/map-indigenous-australia

LINK B: https://oursonglines.com/platform



Thursday 8 July

Listen to an Indigenous musician or watch a movie directed or produced by a First Nations person and share this information on your social channel.



Wednesday 9 July

Tag three Indigenous businesses!



Thursday 10 July

It’s the weekend! Let's eat out at an Indigenous restaurant OR Dine-in with some First Nations Recipes



Friday 11 July

Wrap up!


Things to remember

    • To begin, follow @ourdillybag
    • Ensure you tag @ourdillybag and any brands you wish to highlight in each activity.
    • Each activity and post gives you additional entries to the competition.

NAIDOC Week is an opportunity for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians to participate in, and support local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and businesses. If you have been looking for a way to start supporting Indigenous economy, or have already embarked on your journey, jump into our Instagram challenge to learn more and enhance your experience!

Winner announced Friday 11 July 2021.

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