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March 22

 Orders are accepted until mid of each month, or until sold out. LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE.

All orders are dispatched on the 20th of each month.

What's inside for MARCH?


Every month brings you a custom-curated 12-16 page booklet - $14.95

Researched, written, and produced monthly by our Founder, Kayla Cartledge, this topical information booklet deep dives into relevant cultural heritage, upcoming Indigenous artists, political information, and trending topics.

$10 from every purchase this month will be going towards the chuffed.org campaign to assist Indigenous families effected by the extreme flooding



Indigenous Ivory Clay Exfoliating Soap 

Ivory Clay is a gentle, soft and silky clay for sensitive skin. It is very mild, nurturing and is particularly good for use on children and the elderly.
Indigenous Macadamia, Coconut oil and luxury Shea Butter, combine to make this soap suitable for ALL skin types.
This artisan soap is perfumed with 100% natural essential oils of Lemon Myrtle and Lavender.
Lavender oil is great for sensitive skin and Lemon Myrtle oil has strong benefits for mature or oily skin. Its antibacterial and astringent properties work to help tighten pores and reduce irritations and is equally suitable for both mature and problem skin.
Our Indigenous Ivory Clay Exfoliating Soap includes crushed wattleseed providing a gentle exfoliating action and provides regenerating and wound healing support due to its high linoleic Acid profile. Wattleseed is ideal for irritated, inflamed and problem skin and is part of a staple diet for Aboriginal peoples.




Desert Dog Chew Toy - RRP $18.95

This Desert Dog chew toy has been printed with authentic Indigenous art by  Pauline Napangardi Gallagher from the Warlukurlangu Artists of Yuendumu. 

Made from jute and wrapped in thick cotton canvas
Reinforced stitching for maximum durability
Coloured with EVO free natural dyes
Find the hidden squeak
Great for teething and puppies who love to chew

    Size 21cms x 16cms
    A percentage from the sale of this toy will be donated to the Aussie Desert Dogs program. This important dog and animal program in our artists hometown of Yuendumu is dedicated to improving the condition of the dog and animal population in the region by raising money to fly in vets to vaccinate and care for the dogs in this remote aboriginal community. 



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