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Yali's Poem Pt. 2

It is half past 10 and so very dark, when I arrive to rest on my old peoples country and simply check out. 

It is unusually quiet – nothing is stirring, no marsupials nor birds their sounds ringing out. 

It is so damp and dark out, I have no energy left tonight, all is left is to roll out my swag. 

It is bed for me, without a doubt. With a fast roll and drop, that is me for the night – I am out. 

I awake early, to sound of the quietness ringing out.

Not a squawk, grunt, or sound rings out from an animal or birds mouth. 

This is not right; I must get up and figure this out. 

My country, she is different and foreign to me. Her smell is not one I know, I feel no comfort, just fear, and doubt.   

I am confused and want to climb back in my swag, cover my head and never come out. 

As I stumble in my swag whilst climbing out – I hear my country, I hear her shout “Please help me my child, time is fast running out”.

I run to the mountain edge – which over looks all. 

It is the sight before me that I stumble to my knees afraid I may fall. 

My country, she is gone – with me no more. 

Before me all I see is coal, dirt, trucks and greed – nothing more.

Not one single tree is left – all habitats … well, they just got wiped out.  

Where have the trees, the plants and homes gone – oh no; they are no more. 

My thoughts are swirling, filled with panic and much more. 

My country, she is no more … 

I sit hunched on my knees, my head in my hands, the tears they do fall, streaming down my cheeks they do fall.

My world is shattered, because of coal mining, greed, and export – there is no doubt. 

All I can get out is “I am sorry Gunhi-dhaagan I could not protect you, yes time has begun to run out”. 

Alone with my thoughts as I look out, out to the mass of destruction, no trees, no homes – yes all are wiped out. 

What can I do to stop more of my country being wiped out??? Being no more, erased with no hesitation nor anymore doubt. 

My heart is shattered, my voice ringing out “What do I do without her, my country who I cannot live without”! “You have raped, pillaged and plundered her dead, removing her soul, slowly she dies, her heart giving out”. Without my country, I too am out. 

Did you not see her eyes giving out, hear her voice as it was ringing out, to stop your cruel actions, to cut it out?!

Who knows how long she has been given if you do not wake up – and, if you do not, not even us will be living. 

I still sit on the mountain crushed and broken; no breath can be given -how did this happen? Why was there greed? I plead and plead. 

The animals all gather, no words are spoken. 

Each sit quietly, their hearts too broken. No homes, no water, not even a twig, all of it is taken.

You have destroyed the one thing that mattered …Did you think about that when you allowed this to happen…

My soul: it is broken, my heart is so shattered … What did you do to my Country? … You broke her, I have no doubt…

Yali Windle,
Wiradjuri and Dharawhal Woman